About Us

Our Vision

Being the leading company in the provision of integral cleaning and service solutions in the province of Girona, we have a competitive advantage developed on the values that guide the actions of our collaborators. It includes the care of the environment and the creation of economic value for the community, clients, and employees.

For more than 10 years, Marblehead Cleaning Services Corp. in Beverly, Massachusetts has been providing the general public with first-rate cleaning and janitorial services through qualified and certified personnel. Our main objective is to increase productivity and the sensations of cleanliness, comfort, safety, and well-being in any space or work area by means of cleaning solutions.

One of our priorities is the conservation of the environment. For this reason, we do not use any chemical cleaning items. We only utilize eco-friendly, biodegradable products of the best quality.

Billy Garcia
Billy Garcia CEO of Marblehead cleaning services Corp & Marblehead Cleaning Services Corp

Why Choose Us

We have a commitment to our values and our mission as entrepreneurs. We also have an important responsibility to our planet where we live and work. This duty of taking care of the Earth also includes the people who live in it.

With this in mind, we dedicated ourselves to social responsibility not only in the areas of ethics and business but also labor inclusion. We did this by promoting the employment inclusion of personnel with disabilities. It may seem like a minor endeavor, but it is truly important in our value chain.